All Politics Are Local

Affordability, education, and safety are my top priorities. The progressive left in Connecticut is going too far and wants more power in our local communities, and more money from our pockets.

Q: Who should decide how to educate your kids?

A: You and your kid’s teachers should.

My opponent signed on to the Progressive Caucus proposal to pursue regionalizing schools. I will not support forced school regionalization.

  Q: Who should decide local zoning issues and promote affordable housing?

A: You and your local elected zoning officials, who remain accountable to you, not a state political appointee.

My opponent voted to ignore the local character of towns in zoning decisions and pledged to support regional and state control of our local zoning. I will work for the creation of affordable housing that preserves the local character of our communities and our property values.

  Q: Who should decide how to protect our schools?

A: You, your local elected leaders, and your local law enforcement, because every town and city are unique.

I will not support the efforts by my opponent and the far left to mandate removal of School Resource Officers from our schools. Instead, communities should decide the roles of SROs in their schools.